Taylor’s cover of “Riptide” is giving me life rn.

be my friend.

I visited my dad at work today and met a number of people, mostly female and one male. when my mom asked if I met the manager and my dad said I had, I automatically assumed it was the male co-worker. I was wrong. but that horrifies me because I am a 19-year old Indian girl who is educated, considers herself a feminist, and truly believe that women are capable of anything a man can do. I think it just says something about American society that I assumed my dad’s boss was a man. And that just is not okay.

I swear there is nothing more painful than fics about the moments before Jily dies. It physically hurts because you know that if they just held on to their wands maybe, just maybe, things would’ve turned out differently and they would’ve been safe. and reading about their last thoughts, my god. 

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so I just threatened to punch my best friend in the face because he’s watching DH 2 (and hasn’t read the book) and said that James was an asshole and that Snape had so much to deal with. oops.

finally caught up on Heroes of Olympus. I finished House of Hades.

the percabeth shipping has come a long way since I read Lightning Thief in 7th grade. so many feels.

"I lit up like a Christmas tree, Hazel Grace." -Augustus Waters; cruel captions but Merry Christmas Eve!

"I lit up like a Christmas tree, Hazel Grace." -Augustus Waters; cruel captions but Merry Christmas Eve!

I met Ned Vizzini in my freshman year of high school when he came to talk to the fiction writers in the creative writing program in my high school. He was friends with my freshman English teacher. and he was one of the first writing inspirations I had in high school.

I never really read his work but he read to us from it and no one ever wanted him to stop. It was enthralling. And he was the first successful author I had ever met. He was living, breathing proof that your words mean something and that they can go somewhere. That was important for me to know, important for me to keep writing.

I always thought of him more as my English teacher’s friend than a famous author. Hearing about his death, placing faces to the mourners, was terrible.

RIP Ned Vizzini. And thank you for everything you’ve done.

I just finished Allegiant.

I just. 

I don’t know what to do with myself.