don’t you hate it when you like someone or are in a relationship and your friends and family just hate on it? Like they just keep going on and on about how you two shouldn’t be together and you’re terrible together and the other person is just going to break your heart or destroy you or something? later if it ends you might look back and wish you listened, but right then in the moment for those weeks or months or even years, it completely pisses you off. And that’s with people you love. now think about if you were famous and your fans, people who care for you but in the end don’t really know you, do that. what if they completely bashed your genuine feelings and sent death threats to your significant other? remember that they’re people too and if you truly do love them, you’ll let them be happy no matter who with.

I can’t even care when I see One Direction hate. they SOLD OUT Madison Square Garden in TEN minutes. they MADE it. and nothing anyone says can change the fact that I’m so incredibly proud of them.

#fromthebottomofthestairstothetopoftheworld indeed.

in which I am a wizard that needs to defeat Voldemort with the help of One Direction (so I had the WEIRDEST YET MOST AMAZING dream last night.)

okay. so basically I was a wizard. And I realized I was a wizard when Voldemort injured my parents and I used Episkey and Tergeo (yes, even my subconscious knows spells) to try to heal them but it was too late and they died. (also sometime in there calming draught was used on me because I was freaking out). then I realized at 7 o clock that I had to go defeat Voldemort because I could speak parseltongue and I was the chosen one. and as if that wasn’t weird enough (I have the oh look I’m a wizard! dream all the time), I go off to plan my attack with my wizard friends. and you know who they were? One Direction. Yeah. I know. And we plan it all out and I turn to them and we all kinda realize that they could die in this and I was like “Uhm do you guys have anything that I should give to your families afterwards just in case?” and Liam’s like “Don’t worry. The boys know where everything is to be sent out in case.” and I was just picturing them dying and I was like “Well, what if something happens.” And Niall’s like “We’ve made all the arrangements, all the letters. We even wrote to your future kids.” And I was getting all emotional about them dying not because they’re One Direction but because they were my best friends and were willing to die for me.

and then I woke up. yeah. It was weird. when fandoms collide. I was a wizard that was best friends with One Direction. it. was. awesome.



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